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CenterPiece is a one-person play I've written, which I perform. It tells my story, but, except for the details, it might be your story, too. Don't we all have to figure out a way to become who we are, learn about love and loss, and finally move into the center of our lives?

Here are some comments from places where I have performed CenterPiece...

What an extraordinary performance! Or maybe I should say what an extraordinary piece "CenterPiece" is! At the end, we all sat there, with very few dry eyes in the house. When I attempted to speak (at the question and answer period afterward), I found, to my surprise, that I could barely do so, I was so choked up. It's not that the piece was sad, it's just that it was so moving. I still can't tell you now why I was so moved -- your words and your experiences just struck such universal chords. Beautiful, beautiful work.
Artspace, Richmond, Virginia

Ellen has a wonderful ability to tell her own story but at the exact same time to tell ours as well. She captivated us all with her sincerity and humor. You couldn't help but be engaged. We laughed with her and cried with her and most of all, we felt privileged to share her journey.
Temple Israel, Boston

A heart-warming, engaging, and inspiring show.
Chestnut Park at Cleveland Circle, Boston

Ms.Steinbaum's performance weaves her personal history with universal experiences that speak to all of us. Her poetry would be more than enough to enchant, but melded with music and simple props, she raises grief into joy, sadness into hope. CenterPiece is an excellent presentation for all audiences, highly recommended. Our members are still talking about it!
Poetry Society of Virginia

...and from members of the audience

"A great evening of theater!"

“You gave us the amazing gift of making this crazy world make more sense than it had only one hour earlier.”

“I loved it. Your story is our story.”

“An incredible experience. I felt amazed, saddened, strengthened, awed, delighted, heartbroken, connected, uplifted, and changed.”

“A moving and memorable evening.”

If you would like to find out how you can book a performance of CenterPiece, please send me an e-mail at

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