Afterwords is a collection of poems about loss and the journey back. There may be, says writer Ken Foster, just one universal story: somebody lost something. Afterwords, too, tells story of loss, but these poems are reminders that the "afterwords" can also speak of surviving with what remains.

"Ellen Steinbaum has crafted an exquisite elegy, an achingly precise roadmap for our journeys to fear, loss, immeasureable heartache and ultimate understanding. In Afterwords , an unflinching chronicle of her husband's illness and death, each poem is sharp and lyrically textured with an insistent current of rage and confusing pulsing beneath. This book will not make you comfortable - but it will leave you changed."
— Patricia Smith

"This collection of poetry by Ellen Steinbaum should be read in the worn comfortable seat of your favorite chair, with, perhaps, a glass of wine or a complacent cat purring beside you. It is poetry to quietly contemplate, by a woman who is a veteran of life. It should be required reading for those of us on the first half of the roller coaster ride. There are many gems in this treasure chest of verse. ...I would not hesitate to buy it. It is a book that will teach you about the craft, and more importantly life."
— Doug Holder, Ibbetson Update

"The writing is exquisite and metaphysicial and thought-provoking....(her) poems are calm meditative reflections that equally burn and touch your soul. The best poetry book I have read in months..."
— Lucid Moon Poetry Website

Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 566-6660

ISBN 0-9628584-3-9

or Afterwords


lost language


figure and ground


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